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the situation of the world nowadays

As everyone knows that u.s.a and eu even russia and china always mention about that they are the fervent defenders of democracy.They always condemnes police violence in other countries,but they dont see that the police behave against people more violently in their countries.And now, they dont see the persecution in egypt because people  who are suffered from persecution are muslim.While talking about this i remembered that what they made to bosnian people in srebrenitsa..while srebrenitsa people defending themselves against serbian army to protect their town,united nations came there and told them that we will protect you,but you have to give up your guns even knives.this was netherlands army who are sent from united nations.After that,they dont protect them and let serbian army to attack these civilian people..And what is  the result? 8372 people killed..and still they are finding new bones whose killed people at that time in srebrenitsa..