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Let’s Start 28.07.2013

Today i became ;   happy because i was invited to a meal by my relatives and had fun with them

sad because egyptian army killed egyptian people who are defenders of the democracy..(200 people killed,4500 injured)

happy because i have my hair cut and my relatives like that..maybe i will be a model if i can make a muscular body so i can earn money for my education or other plans…

sad because 1 people killed in a suicide bombing to a hospital which is managed by Türks and helping poor Somalian people, in Somali

sad because i have been coinciding with traffic accidents for 3 days..

happy because anyone died in these accidents..

sad because i thought about people who dont have freedom and living according to other people’s  decisions

happy because Turkey is an independent country and we are living in freedom..there is only  one way for us (Turkish people)” you will live in freedom,or you will live for freedom”

happy because i thought some and believed in that “everything will be better”