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Being a TÜRK nowadays

Being a TÜRK nowadays means :

being confused who is friend who is enemy

being brave against everyone as always but being afraid of making a wrong move on this accurate balance at the same time

being a hero for oppressed people

being devastated for palestine

being sorry for ıraq

being upset for syria

being disappointed for myanmar

being the hardworking student for developing technology in islamic countries

bein the thinker for future of the world

Put Your Money Where Your Blog Is: Should You Pay for Traffic?

The Daily Post

Even those of us who blog for purely personal reasons appreciate some validation, whether comments, likes, or just pageviews. Encouraging that feedback is one of the most frustrating things for many bloggers; when we hit “publish,” we want to see the little bar graph go up, up, and away and when we don’t, it’s discouraging. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what readers respond to — a labor of love sinks like a stone, while a five-minute rant makes the rounds on Twitter.

Looking to give your site a boost and reach new audiences? From a custom domain to advanced SEO tools and more design options, there’s a plan that’s right for you.

There’s plenty of advice on attracting and engaging readers (some of it from us), most of which requires time and effort without guaranteed success . . . although there is one foolproof method: pay for traffic…

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